Free gift cards

Have you ever been stuck on thinking what can you gift someone? More often than not, we are flabbergasted as to what will constitute a good gift for an occasion, especially if you are not sure on the person’s likes and dislikes. And the best solution to this quandary is to get a gift card on your budget and let the person decide on what they want to buy. This way you are providing a wide range of options for them, a complete store at their disposal. The best part is that these gift cards do not have an expiry date and can be exchanged partially too.

For the retailers, Gift cards have become an integral part of promotion in the retail market. Quite a few companies issue gift cards in order to lure more customers and to increase their brand value. Easily accessible, these can be easily displayed right on the cash counter and is the best way to make your customer come again for a purchase. Not only are they effective marketing tools, they are also quite an interesting and innovative gift option. Now let us take a look at the various options on getting these gift cards for free.

Tips for getting free gift cards

Gift cards are offered across various markets including department stores, apparel retail chains and even across some of the restaurants. While the routine is to approach the store assistant or go to the website online and get your gift card by paying the required cash for the respective denominations. But there are also ways you can get these gift cards for free.

Earn Gift Cards Online

Assistance from Social media

There is nothing that is as popular as social media when it comes to reaching people in masses. And this is rightly used by the various industry leaders for their marketing and promotional events. Well, just be the first one to fan a company’s page or first person to follow the company page and you will be pleasantly surprised when you get the gift card as a token of appreciation. And even bloggers offer gift cards to those who like or share their page. Keep your eyes open to take advantage of these offers.

Another option is to take part in the various Twitter parties organized by the companies from time to time. These parties, most of the time, does not even requires you to register. There are lots of prizes on offer like free stay at holiday hotels, cash rewards and of course gift cards. So start tweeting to get yourself some interesting offers!

Prescription transfers

Pharmacies are equally in the competition to gain customer attention and all you need is to transfer your prescription to them. Just browse through their weekly offers or coupons where you are given an opportunity to avail a gift card worth $25 or sometimes even more for prescription transfers. And imagine with the many pharmacies opening wide across, how many times, can you transfer and make yourself eligible for a free gift card.

Making points with My points

There are sites like where you can simply answer some surveys, read emails and do some simple activities to make you eligible for a free gift card. You will be receiving points for every activity you complete. You can even do shopping through Mypoints on your favorite site and earn more points to your account. Once you have 60 points, you can then redeem the same against your favorite gift cards. So next time you go shopping online, do it through Mypoints or similar websites.

Swagbucks – easy way to make gift cards

This is another online website offering rewards that enables you to make gift cards for free without much hassle is Swagbucks. Again, you have a list of activities that you can do in this website like shopping, reading mails, answering surveys, printing coupons, etc. It is easy to join them and the membership is absolutely free. Do ensure that you finish your profile completely on entering the website to ensure that you are invited for the maximum number of surveys. There are daily polls, web searches through swagbucks, etc. that can earn you maximum points in limited time. You can make points by simply printing your coupons and doing your shopping through Swagbucks. Once you have enough points, you just have to go to their rewards page and exchange them for a gift card of your choice. Even Amazon participates in the program. So next time you want to shop from Amazon, make sure you do it through Swagbucks.

Answering surveys

There are many paid survey sites like Harris poll online in which you can register. Once you have submitted your profile, you will be notified whenever there is any survey matching your profile. The email notification will also let you know on how much time you will have to spend on the survey and how much will it qualify and quantify for. Most of these websites offer you points for every survey you complete which you can accumulate and later exchange for a gift card of your choice. Some websites also offer you the option to encash these points. Beware of any company that charges you a fee for the website as they are potentially fraudulent.

Test driving cars

This is an offer not many can say no to. You have the chance to test drive a dream vehicle and earn a gift card in its place. Just look out for the promotional events advertised by the various manufacturers and you will have the pleasant experience of test driving their vehicle and getting rewarded for the same.

Rebate programs

If you are a foodie, then you would love these mail offers that many food companies give from time to time. It would be for you to buy a certain product or for a certain amount of money and you will be gifted with a gift card to redeem later. The best deals will be on the cereal aisles where the deals are very good.

What to remember when getting a gift card for free?

While there are plenty of online opportunities to get yourself a free gift card, you just need to plan and organize well before hand. Here are some pointers how you can maximize your gains with these online offers.

  • A very common mistake which many do when they take up these online offers is committing more than they can. Always look for your best and commit only to that level. Never over commit and on multiple different sites.
  • Never believe or join websites that charge you a membership fee. This is a very obvious red flag.
  • Do not give information about your card or any other personal details which can be easily used against you in fraudulent transactions.
  • Have a separate email address to use purely for these transactions to save your other mails from getting hacked.
  • You can do multitasking on these websites like answering a survey on one tab while doing a web search on another. This will help you to maximize your earnings easily.

Just remember these points and then you will be able to snag off those gift cards for free quite easily.